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 30th January 2019



Lion Strong Lager 625mL - 2 for $15

Shouting lager lager lager lager....

That's right, February's Beer of the Month is an 8.8% Strong Lager from Lion Brewery in Sri Lanka. An instant hit with our crew and with the Test Series between Australia & Sri Lanka getting underway today we thought, why not? Lets get it on!

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Augustiner-Bräu, München

Augustiner has landed in an exclusive and rare shipment direct from Munich to the International Beer Shop. We are absolutely chuffed to be able to present these wonderful, traditional German brews once again to long suffering Aussie fans of this truly world class Brauhaus of München.

We have the Weissbier, Dunkel & Edelstoff available in 500mL with the Pilsner in 330mL format. Best before dates are all March 2019, but keep in mind that these are very short German codes as this beer is intended to be drunk as fresh as possible.

In all seriousness, this is the miracle shipment we hoped for with no guarantees we will gain access to these beers again. Stocks are expected to fly out the door once word gets around, so get in quick while stocks last!

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Shit the bed

Buy 1 get 1 free on Bunsters Sauce Products

Available In-store Only!

If you spend $50 or more of any mixed craft / specialty beers (excluding carton sales), you can buy one and get one free for all Bunsters sauces purchased in the same sale!



Due to low stock levels, the following beers will only be available for sale in-store only.



From the brewers: Before we were brewers we were winemakers, and we knew it was only a matter of time before we would be tempted back to our roots. Site Fermentation Project began as an extension of Hop Nation, allowing us to experiment with a variety of mixed-fermentation brews. In doing so, we wanted to express the beauty of both winemaking and brewing, always with a focus on conveying site. Born from this project are mixed-fermentation beers, brewed and blended in Footscray and often co-fermented with unique parcels of single vineyard fruit, as well as wines made from a distinct site in Red Hill, Mornington Peninsula. We hope you enjoy exploring the diverse nature of our small batch, minimal-intervention releases.

Muscat Golden Sour 750mL | 5.5% ABV

Mixed fermentation blonde sour re-fermented on fresh 2018 Muscat grape skins

Blonde Melange 750mL | 5.5% ABV

9 months fermented and aged in PX Cherry and Chardonnay barrels.  

Blended and bottle conditioned.

La Jeunesse - Sour Red Ale 750mL | 6.5% ABV

Fermented in barrel and One year in pinot and shiraz barrels, Flanders red style mixed fermentation.

Flavours of Candied apple, cigar box, balsamic vinaigrette

 Native Series


Desert Lime & Lemon Myrtle IPA 500mL CAN | 6.5% ABV | 30 IBU

Beer is the one of the most complex foods we consume, and this is one of the most interesting, layered and downright extraordinary beers we’ve ever made. Starting with our inspirational friends at Fervor who kindly handpicked Lemon Myrtle and Desert Limes for us to augment a cloudy, velvety rich and complex IPA made more-ish with the addition of lactose sugars and creamy nitrogen gas. We also thought we’d add our new discovery; Southern Passion hops from South Africa to add even more lemony, tropical wonders to the beer. The result is something that is almost too big for our already generous 500mL cans.

 Dainton Logo


Shark Punch Tropical Aussie IPA 355mL CAN | 6.1% ABV | 55 IBU

We love animals, be they sharks or surfers. But honestly, why are they always punching on? Can’t we all just be FRIENDS?  Share the love and this classic Aussie IPA

Fruity Freeze Tropical NEIPA 355mL CAN | 7.1% ABV | 22 IBU

Pineapple, passionfruit and orange tropical NEIPA anyone? Brewed in house with the legends from Revel Brewing Co

Juniper IPA | 5.5% ABV 355mL CAN | 30 IBU

Introducing our brand new Juniper IPA! A deliciously refreshing spring-time IPA brewed with our mates from Cedar Fox Distilling Co. One for the gin drinkers?

Smoked Sour Apricot Lichtenhainer 355mL CAN | 4.5% ABV | 7 IBU

Lichtenhainer style beer that has a hazy pale golden pour with a finely beaded white head of the sort you rarely seem to find on sour beer styles, with smokiness leading the way on the aroma and the fruit and tang coming to play increasingly on the palate.

Double Ton Double IPL (India Pale Lager) 355mL CAN | 7% ABV | 48 IBU

Ahhh, the smell of freshly mowed grass, the blistering sting of the summer sun and the look of pure glee on your uncle's mug as he sits in his stubby shorts and tapes up one side of a tennis ball. The days of real epic backyard tests...
Not this crazy 20/20 IPL stuff. You can barely get through 2 beers, then it's over!

Sauce Logo


Extra Hop Sauce IPA 375mL CAN | 6.2% ABV | 50 IBU

Extra-hop is a classic American West-coast style IPA, light in body and colour and loaded with hops.
We've mixed three amazing US hop varieties to deliver a veritable fruitbowl of aromas. It's a seriously smashable drop and not too crazy at 6.2% ABV

Peach Sauce Peach Berliner Weisse 375mL CAN | 4% ABV | 15 IBU

We’ve upped the peach and reduced the ABV so it’s true to style for a Berliner Weisse. Tart, tangy and super peachy. Very refreshing and a real crowd pleaser.

Bubble & Squeak NEIPA 500mL CAN | 6.5% ABV | 40 IBU

Hazy and super fruity - passionfruit, pineapple, melon. Overloaded with hops, yet low in bitterness so goes down very, very easy.

Trubble & Squeak Mango Double NEIPA 500mL CAN | 9% ABV | 40 IBU

Brewed specially for GABS2018! A beefed up version of our Bubble & Squeak NEIPA, more of everything plus the addition of real mangoes! This is as juicy as it gets.



Little Bang Logo


LITTLE BANG Naked Objector IPA 375mL CAN | 6.5% ABV | 90 IBU - Click here to purchase
So... There's this guy OK. Let's call him a friend of a friend... Actually, it's a long story. Come in for a beer and we'll tell you all about it.Here's what you need to know:
Brutal, musky, obnoxious, unreasonable and bitter, yet strangely compelling...
And he smells better than he looks

LITTLE BANG The Pinkening Hibiscus Session Sour | 3% ABV - Click here to purchase
It's pink alright. This tart, dry, bright and zippy pink drink is looking for the middle ground between beer and sour iced tea. I think the idea behind it was something like: "If we're going to make a light beer, we're making absolutely sure it isn't boring."

LITTLE BANG Icon Hoppy Steam Ale | 5% ABV - Click here to purchase
It's an Australian Lager but it's not. It's a Steam Ale but it's not. It's a hop bomb but it's not. It's a session beer and a geek fest at the same time. It's simple, really, but it's complex. Have we bastardised an Australian tradition? Have we sold out the Craft fraternity? Have we conflated a cultural icon with a computer icon? Have we over-thought this? Yes. Yes we have.


Brewdog logo


Raspberry Blitz Non Alcoholic Sour Ale 330mL CAN | 0.5% ABV | 8 IBU - Click here to purchase

One of our longest running brews returns as a brand new take on a fruity kettle sour. Inspired by our small batch Berliner Weisses, this is an alcohol free raspberry sour ale, jam-packed with fruit flavour.
Raspberry Blitz packs a tangy punch; layers of vibrant raspberry aroma, with hints of fromage frais and citrus peel, give way to a mouth-puckering lemon sherbet acidity and a full-on raspberry jam flavour. Light, juicy and refreshing.

Nanny State Non Alcoholic Hoppy Pale Ale 330mL CAN | 0.5% ABV | 45 IBU - Click here to purchase

Brewing a full flavoured craft beer at 0.5% is no easy task.
Packed with loads of Centennial, Amarillo, Columbus, Cascade and Simcoe hops, dry hopped to the brink and back and sitting at 45 IBUS, Nanny State is a force to be reckoned with.
With a backbone of 8 different speciality malts, Nanny State will tantalise your taste buds and leave you yearning for more.



Eschweger Klosterbrauerei - Jacobinus Bierspezialität

Classic 500mL | 4.8% ABV - Click here to purchase

The sun-yellow highly aromatic mushroom specialty invites you to discover this extraordinary beer with all your senses. They smell floral hop notes and are surprised by a fresh mouthfeel and a fine bitterness paired with great hop aromas. The ideal drinking temperature is 7 ° C. "Classic" goes well with crispy salads, pies, sheep's and cream cheese and grilled fish. Also try as a cocktail with Aperol!

Hefe-Weizen 500mL | 5.7% ABV - Click here to purchase

The best of wheat combined into one.
The natural specialty wheat beer distinguishes itself with its fruitiness and fine hint of banana. It is fragrantly yeasty and sparkling. The mild, balanced aromatics make Jacobinus Hefeweizen especially refreshing and wholesome. It’s fresh, sparkling, and immediately smooth, with a mild aftertaste. Jacobinus Hefweizen goes especially well with:
-Mild cream cheese

Schwarzbier 500mL | 4.8% ABV - Click here to purchase

The unmistakable character of the Jacobinus Schwarzbier is characterized by its typical fiery-dark color as well as its unique spicy taste. Coffee-like aromas connected with a light hint of caramel invite you to keep drinking and take your taste buds on an adventure. We recommend enjoying our Schwarzbier at 7°C.
It goes well with:
-Seasoned roasts
-Grilled poultry
-Soft cheese, cheese with nutty aromas
-Chocolate desserts, nut cakes



Rodenbach Classic 250mL CAN | 5.2% ABV

A blend of 75% young beer fermented in steel tanks and 25% old beer aged 2 year in large oak casks. Rodenbach bears the proud title of "the most refreshing beer in the world".


Leffe Brune

Leffe Brune  330mL | 6.5% ABV - Click here to purchase

Leffe Brown is an authentic abbey beer. Both its deep, dark brown colour and its full, slightly sweet flavour can be ascribed to the use of darkly roasted malt, making every sip just as exceptional as the last.
Leffe Brown is substantially more robust than Leffe Blond. This rich variety combines the rich aroma of roasted caramel with a slightly sweet finish. It is an excellent accompaniment to hearty, sweet and savory types of cuisine.



7th November 2018



Feral Hop Hog CAN Carton & Bunster's Hot Sauce - only $59.99*

This month's beer needs no introduction, it's a classic in the WA craft beer scene and favourite of many, Feral Hop Hog Pale Ale! We've got a stack of the 10th anniversary limited edition cans waiting in the fridge, and with every carton sold this month we'll throw in a bottle of Bunster's 7/10 Hot Sauce, for free!**

Remind yourself of what got you into craft beer in the first place and grab a carton of Hop Hog (and free Bunster's hot sauce) at IBS today!

*While stocks last
**If the 7/10 is not hot enough for you, feel free to upgrade your Hot Sauce to a Bunster's 12/10 Shit the Bed, 13.5/10 Brown Label or 16/10 Black Label and only pay the difference in price (in-store only).

Click here to purchase online (sauce will be added automatically for all orders received during November)



We've got some fantastic beers pouring through our taps at the moment, and we can fill any vessel you choose to bring in; squealers, growlers, mini kegs... Anything we can fit in our PEGAS or under our tap we will fill for you.

Click here to check out what's pouring right now, and what you can get your kegs filled with



So many new beers hit our shelves during October and early November, check out the extensive list below and click on the links if you want more info or to purchase.


 6th November 2018

 Black Brewing Co.

Click here to browse our range Black Brewing beers

Framboise 750mL | 6.2% ABV

Bursting with raspberries from Torbay Farms, near Albany, this Spring showstopper is the perfect share-beer that salutes the season's harvest. Expect huge raspberry aromas, a soft round palate with a tart finish, peach pink hues and a tight white head.

Albino Pinot IPA 750mL | 7.4% ABV

Our first beer-wine co-fermentation baby. We inoculated chardonnay barrels with our very own house yeast strains. Then added passionfruit IPA wort - and fermenting Albino Pinot Rose lees from local winemakers L.A.S. Vino.
And she was well worth the effort. Enjoy the farmhouse funk and wild strawberry aromas. Savour a layered palate of vinous notes, candied pineapple and dried orchard fruits.


8 Wired Brewing

Click here to browse our range of 8 Wired beers

Big Smoke Smoked Porter 330mL | 6.2% ABV

Now what is this? A smoked beer?? It really isn’t as crazy as it sounds. 250 years ago virtually all beers were smoked (it’s true, Google it!), but with the dawning of the industrial revolution most of the smoke lifted. However, in the German town of Bamberg the flame has quite literally been kept alive and to this day the town’s brewers produce world renowned beers brewed with their own special rauchmalz (beechwood smoked malt). We’ve taken our best porter recipe and added a good measure of that same Bamberg Rauchmalz.

Tall Poppy India Red Ale 330mL | 7% ABV

Tall Poppy - India Red Ale This is an ale that is not afraid of standing tall among other great beers. The intense, sharp and fruity hoppiness is backed by its complex, caramel-like malty structure. Big, yet refreshing. Bold but balanced. This beer has been designed to have it all, to be the greatest common denominator.

 HopWired IPA 330mL | 7.3% ABV

We believe HopWired is the first bottled version of a true new world India Pale Ale made with NZ grown base malt and 100% truly unique NZ hops. We bet you’ll find nothing else like it on the shelves. Although the malty sweetness is there, this beer is all about the hops.
Unlike an American I.P.A. which will mainly hit you with a grapefruity-citrus flavour and aroma, the unique NZ hops used in HopWired are more like a tropical punchbowl: Passion fruit, lime, oranges and Sauvignon Blanc to name but a few.

Stone Free Apricot Sour 330mL | 4.5% ABV

When 8 Wired does fruited sours, it's always a good idea to pay attention. This Hendrix inspired Kettle Sour is fermented on apricots and has a lovely dose of Riwaka hops. Brewed for #GABS2018.

 Hippy Berliner 330mL | 4% ABV

A refreshing, light, hoppy, sour and very fruity tasting ale inspired by traditional Berliner Weisse ales.
Naturally soured by live cultures and dry hopped with American and New Zealand hops. Probably the closest thing I have tasted to fruit juice, that didn't contain any fruit at all! - It's a trip!

A Fistful of Cherries 500mL | 6.7% ABV

A sour ale we brewed in the Belgian tradition. Barrel aged for two years on fresh Marlborough cherries. Vibrant flavours of funk and fruit. Contains a fistful of cherries per bottle. No more, no less. Depending on the size of one's fist of course...

SuperConductor IIPA 330mL | 8.8% ABV

Bone dry and ultra hoppy Double IPA. Brewed with 80% more hops than our already extremely hoppy HopWired IPA.


Epic Brewing Co

Click here to browse our range of Epic beers

Beer Blanket Stout 500mL | 6% ABV

You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get after a few beers, especially when it’s cold outside, and you didn’t bring a jacket? Like you’re invincible to the cold. Beware the false warmth of the ‘beer blanket’. Stay inside and enjoy responsibly. Brewed for #GABS2018

Magic Dust IPA 500mL | 6.9% ABV

Magic Dust is built on the original “Mosaic – One Trick Pony” beer. It has is a rich copper colour with a wonderful hoppy aroma of passionfruit and citrus, the lupulin powder delivers a sticky guava flavour with medium bitterness and a hoppy aftertaste.

Run Riot IPA 500mL | 6.7% ABV

Run Riot is our latest interpretation of the pre-eminent Armageddon IPA recipe.

Dankomatic IPA 500mL | 7.6% ABV

Like walking the streets of San Francisco in a fog. A flavour shockwave delivering awesome automatic dankness for your pleasurable needs. The reverberating level of fun in your mouth hole snaps shut like a wet green alligator in a technicolour dreamcoat. Synthesthesia for the masses.

Thunder APA 330mL | 5.8% ABV

Travelling across the sky. A Chariot. Legendary Warrior. Fighting the giants. The people know he is fighting for them. God of Thunder. Sound of the drums, beating in your heart. Maybe you’ll shiver, maybe you’ll quiver. Quick on the trigger, thunder and lightning.


Garage Project

Click here to browse our range of Garage Project beers

Fuzz Box Fuzzy Pale Ale 330mL CAN | 5.8% ABV

Forget clarity, there's nothing clean cut about this beer. This is a Pale Ale amplified and distorted in a wall of haze and hop feedback. Galaxy, Nelson and Mosaic riffs drift in a warm fuzz of juicy malt and tropical fruit noise. Plug it in, dial it up, crack the can. Its fuzzy ugly and you love it. Originally brewed in collaboration with Sydney's rock god pizza tossers Frankies.

Can Lah! Lager 330mL CAN | 4.6% ABV

Lah, what a wonderful word. It has no meaning itself but emphasises any sentence it’s added to.
Can Lah is brewed in collaboration with Hawker & Roll as the perfect accompaniment to their unique take on Malaysian street food. Clean, crisp with subtle citrus and tropical fruit notes, it’s designed to elevate, not overwhelm. Tag it onto your spicy street food feast and take the experience to a new level, lah.

Petite Mort Brett Summer Ale 330mL | 5.3% ABV

 The little death, a rustic but beguiling blonde farmhouse ale, fermented with a cocktail of brettanomyces and saison yeast and finished with a generous dose of Wai-iti hops. Each sip begins a little journey, at first refreshingly different and delightfully drinkable, then building with bright notes of fresh spring grass and gentle floral perfume to a peak of tart pineapple and hoppy lemon citrus. Finish and allow yourself a little moment of bliss.

The Wolf Man Imperial American Pale Ale 650mL | 9% ABV

Roll up, roll up, ladies and gentlemen. Experience first hand the thrill and terror of the Wolfman. A freak of nature, some say he was conceived in a hop field, others that he was transformed by his own lust for Humulus lupulus. The result is the untamed creature you see before you, powerful, bitter and infused to his very core with the resinous essence of the hop bine. Be warned, this is not a beer for those who suffer from a delicate disposition.

Verbotene Fruchte Schwarzbier 650mL | 7.6% ABV

For over 500 years the Reinheitsgebot has dictated that German brewers can only make beer using barley, hops, water and yeast. But what happens when German brewers go on holiday? Brewed in collaboration with legendary German brewers from Bitburg, Verbotene Früchte is a rich, black dessert lager inspired by the classic cakey goodness of the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte or Black Forest gâteau and brewed with a lavish amount of sugar, lactose, cacao powder, vanilla, cacao nibs and sour cherries. We counted at least seven contraventions of Reinheitsgebot, but hey, what goes on tour, stays on tour.


Anderson Valley Logo

Click here to browse our range of Anderson Valley beers

Originating in the town of Goslar, Germany in the early 16th century, the Gose style (pronounced “Go-zuh”) was traditionally brewed using salted water and 50% malted wheat and was spiced with coriander and hops. It was fermented with both traditional yeast and lactic bacteria, giving it a slight tartness, similar to that of a Berliner Weisse. The brewing of Gose eventually migrated to Leipzig, Germany by the turn of the 18th century and became the most popular style in the region by 1900, only to virtually disappear after World War II brought destruction to the breweries and hard economic times.

Briney Melon Gose 355mL CAN | 4.2% ABV

Born from our passion for experimentation, our Briney Melon Gose boasts a thirst-quenching tartness that is perfectly balanced by subtle watermelon flavours and aromas. Gentle additions of sea salt create a refreshing harmony between the acidity and fruity sweetness leading to clean, dry finish.

Framboise Rose Gose 355mL CAN | 4.2% ABV

By adding rose hips to the boil and fresh raspberry puree at the end of fermentation, this kettle-soured beer is a mélange of flavors and aromas. With a light ruby hue, subtle raspberry fruit notes greet the nose and fall soft on the palate; tangy, hibiscus-like flavors mingle with the salty tartness of gose to create a uniquely complex and refreshing drinking experience.

The Kimmie, The Yank and the Holy Gose 355mL CAN | 4.2% ABV

With a bright, golden colour and tight creamy head, the earthy wood undertones in our Gose develop into a light mineral aroma with a hint of lemon zest and tropical fruit. Before boiling, the wort is kettle soured with lactobacillus, imparting an initial refreshing tartness that gives way to a subtle fullness. Flavours of guava and peach are followed by a slight sea salt dryness and lemon sourness that is enhanced by coriander and post-fermentation additions of salt. The finish is dry, effervescent, and lemon tangy, reminiscent of a fresh sea breeze.


La Sirene

Click here to browse our range of La Sirene beers

Reserve Saison 375mL | 7% ABV

Reserve Saison is composed of a blend of our classic Saison vintages that have been aged in Burgundian barriques & hogsheads since 2015 and 2016. The Reserve Saison displays generous oak character & balance with ethereal yet rustic notes of the indigenous wild yeast residing within the walls of our brewery. The Reserve Saison is the ultimate expression of our site and house style, imparting a sense of place, time and season to this wild ale.

Cuvée de Bois 375mL | 6.2% ABV

La Sirène 2016 Cuvée de Bois is a special wine hybrid mixed fermentation Farmhouse Ale blended with 3 French Oak barriques of aged 2013 & 2014 La Sirène Saison. Using our vintage basket press, Australian Chardonnay free run was brewed into a specially designed Farmhouse Beer, then blended with our barrel aged Saison. The 2016 Cuvée de Bois is a delightful blend of balanced wild farmhouse complexity and grape forward acidity crowned by the elegance & depth of toasted French Oak.

Wild Tripelle 375mL | 8% ABV

La Sirène Wild Tripelle is a 100% spontaneously fermented ale produced with our authentic airborne indigenous yeast in Alphington. After extensive trials using our local airborne yeast we are proud to produce the first local beer that gives this beer a sense of place.Built upon a Belgian style Tripel base, we allow the yeast to slowly ferment the wort after natural inncoulation and as a result the beer initially has strong citrus & funky lemon notes aromatically then leads to a full bodied creamy mid palate and finishes dry and lingering with a memorable, malty & wild ale finish.

Praline 375mL | 6% ABV

Our award winning La Sirène Praline is a very special Belgian Chocolate style ale. Belgian dark malts combined together with vanilla pods, hazelnut & cacao nibs provide a delightful contrast of sweet and savoury, smooth and velvety. With a creamy body and fluffy head this delicately balanced dark ale is a seductive chocolate praline beer experience.*Contains: lactose and nuts

Paradoxe 375mL | 4.8% ABV

La Sirène's Paradoxe (4.8% ABV) is a lively and lifted beer that encompasses our in-house natural souring method combined with a lovely Farmhouse style ale and local Australian hop flowers. Born from an urge to create a highly drinkable pale-coloured sour ale that was refreshing and great with food matching. Our Paradoxe is a cloudy Pale-Coloured Ale with a fine white bead when pouredAromas of tropical fruits, particularly pineapple and green mango encompass your senses then the fresh aromatics from the local hops emerge as white wine and melon characters.

Farmhouse Red 375mL | 6.5% ABV

La Sirène Farmhouse Red is a rustic style Red Ale brewed using age old Flemish brewing techniques. 5 different Belgian specialty malts were used to brew this recipe along with fresh rose buds, hibiscus & dandelions to provide for a provincial farmhouse style Belgian ale experience.La Sirène Farmhouse Red displays a bright red hue amongst a darker backdrop that pours with a delightful rocky off-white head, it's aroma is one of strong stone fruits such as nectarines & plums dominate along with high floral notes of rose and dandelions.This Farmhouse Red displays sweet red fruit characters initially along with sweet floral tones rounded with a generous mouthfeel and malt character as a backbone. Strong Belgian yeast characters follow and finishes with a fresh Noble hop bitterness.

Farmhouse Noir 375mL | 6% ABV

The Farmhouse Noir is a Dark Farmhouse Ale that decadently combines rich dark roasted malts with our trademark House Yeast after a natural souring process using indigenous lactobacillus living within the brewery's walls. What all of this ultimately delivers is a gentle, creamy acidity in this ale that blends seamlessly with the malty notes of fig, blueberry & dark chocolate including subtle coffee and citrus aromas. This is a highly drinkable, dark and mellow Farmhouse thang.

Saison Tropique 750mL | 6.7% ABV

Avant Garde Collection - Barrel-Aged.A wonderfully vibrant and tropical saison. Our Saison Tropique is the melding of a 12 month barrel-aged saison with fresh and pungent tropical Australian hops. The wild yeast resident in the French Oak barrels provide wild pineapple & juicy characters whilst the late hopping gives this farmhouse ale a welcomed New World twist. Old World approach, New World expression.


Belching Beaver

Belching Beaver - Peanut Butter Milk Stout 355mL CAN | 5.3% ABV

Our Peanut Butter Milk Stout is simply irresistible. It’s like dark chocolate Reese’s in a glass! Rolled oats and Lactose add to the creamy body of this beer while heavenly aromas of roasted buttery peanuts and chocolate greet you with every sip. Try this out with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a real treat!
Silver Medal – World Beer Championships 2014

Hopped Up

Hopped Up Brewing - Mocha Bock 375mL CAN | 6% ABV

Coffee and Chocolate Doppelbock


Rover Beer - Henty St Ale 375mL CAN | 4.3% ABV

 Bursting with juicy tropical fruit hop aromas, this beer is unfiltered, full flavoured, and damn drinkable!


Hawkers Beer - IIPA 375mL CAN | 9% ABV

It’s all about the hops. Big, fruity, flavourful. Unmistakably a huge IPA.


17th October 2018

Legend of Goat

Mountain Goat - The Legend of Goat IIPA 640mL | 7.6% ABV

A fruity, lip-smacking double IPA. Orange juice delivers a classic, acidic juiciness to the hops' fruit character and bitterness. It's a full flavoured 21st birthday beer from us to you! Cheers!

Like the Legend of Zelda and her Triforce of Wisdom, we've used the Triforce of Hops - Citra, Mosaic & Galaxy - for this, our 21st birthday beer. Over 21 years you get to brew with lots of hop varieties, and these three are among our absolute favourites. We've "Linked" these up with orange juice, late in fermentation, and the juiciness goes on forever. Happy birthday to us!


Ballistic Beer Co

Click here to browse our range of Ballistic Beers

Pale Ale 375mL CAN | 5.2% ABV | 35 IBU

We set about designing a Pale Ale that would quench our thirsts during long, hot Queensland summers. Aromas of freshly cut tropical fruit salad, bright citrus and hints of spice are heightened by a light malt body and a zippy bitterness.

Enigma Single Hop IPA 375mL CAN | 6% ABV | 60 IBU

This time around we've decided to use a hop from our own backyard (well, kinda). The Classic Aussie hop Enigma. A west-Coast style IPA. Bright palate of Mixed Berry, Passionfruit & Pinot Gris with a subtle splash of rockmelon.



10th October 2018





The name Mr Fruju pretty much says it all. Like a well-balanced freshly squeezed breakfast juice, you’ll get citrus, pineapple, pear and passionfruit playing in the tropical haze. This is a NEIPA made with Mosaic, Galaxy, Citra, Ella & Amarillo hops. Pils & vienna malt + rolled oats. No fruit juice additives. At 6.0%abv and 40 IBU this relatively new brew will be a big hit over the summer months ahead.






Zlote Lwy






Zlote Lwy - aka Golden Lion 500mL

Zlote Lwy (aka Golden Lion) restores rich traditions of GdaƄsk brewing by brewing solely from barley malt, hop, and Oligocene water.

A 5.6% Pale Lager that drinks best whilst screaming “Zshhhhhlote” loudly between sips.









Kozlak 500mL

Kozlak is a 6.5% German Bock style Beer.

The pride and joy of the brewing team at Browar Amber, tagged as “Dark Magic” this wonderfully complex ruby coloured beer with caramel, toffee, figs prunes and a hint of molasses complimented by aromas of chocolate and raspberry. A must try from this stable.









Grand Imperial Porter 500mL

We happily dub this in the essential selection bracket and are stoked to have this ‘must-try-before-you-die’ beer back on our shelves.

At a healthy 8.0% this Baltic Porter has helped define the style. Expect rich flavours of roasted malt, moist raisins, caramel and dark chocolate.




Perla Chmielowa






Chmielowa Pils 500mL

Translates as Pearl & Hop, this highly awarded 6.0% German-style Pilsner utilizes Lubin hops from the finest growers, select natural ingredients, and a traditional brewing recipe combine to set the standard for the #1 seller in the Lubin region. Perfect for anyone that needs to quench a thirst.




  Perla Miodowa




Miodowa Pils 500mL

A 6.0% light honey beer, deep amber and naturally cloudy, its made from the delicate multiflorous honeys of the Lubin region which gives this genuinely unique beer the characteristic bitterness and gentle sweet finish it is known and loved for.





Garage Project Hunnybee 440mL CAN

The Hunnybee is a collaborative creature from the combined hive mind of Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Garage Project. A 5.0% golden ‘farmhouse’ ale - wheat, saison yeast with a lavish dose of Lavender honey giving this a tickle of lo-fi funk & bubblegum pop tart notes. Saaz, Saphir, Wai-iti and Galaxy hops give this creature its sting.


Garage Project Red Eye Gravy 330mL CAN

aka Poor Man’s Gravy, just fry your ham and deglaze the pan with black coffee. A 5.6% Coffe & Maple Amber Ale brewed using 6 different malts, corn, maple syrup and, of course, coffee - brewed up to recreate a tasty, rich, dark beer reminiscent of its namesake.


Old Wives Ale Blood Moon Red IPA 330mL CAN

Big and juicy Red IPA - packed with American hops, dank, piney and resinous up front, with fruity and floral tones doing their thing in the background – 7.0%abv 80 IBU – one of the better hoppy reds we’ve seen in these parts for quite some time now.


Billabong’s Gluten Free range have made the return to our Gluten Free options. At the brewer’s insistence need to be kept in the fridge to best maintain their quality. Initially, like a Where’s Wally adventure, you may find these hard to locate in the shop so please follow the on-shelf advice to ask staff for assistance and we’ll happily get them from cool room for you.

Billabong Gluten Free Australia’s Pale Ale 330mL

5.1%abv - Crisp & refreshing, passion fruit and grapefruit tones set the scene for a light floral Cascade & NZ B Saaz hop finish.

Billabong Gluten Free Blonde Ale 330mL

4.5%abv - A low carbohydrate lager-style beer inspired by Japanese “Third Category” beers, this is a light, crisp, and has some fruity tones with balanced bitterness. An easy to drink style perfect with old fashioned fish and chips or with a Tempura.

Billabong Gluten Free Ginger Beer 330mL

4.5%abv - Not a soft drink and more Ginger than beer! Refreshing and seemingly harmless but more than two will see the Tiger in you.



Napoleone Ciders are crafted on site using 100% fruit juice: no concentrates and no added sugars, just fruit goodness!

Apple Cider 330mL

A combination of Pink Lady, Granny Smith, Fuji and Sundowner apple varieties delivers a unique flavour and the ideal balance of acidity, sweetness and tannins. Displaying bright aromas of crisp apple with subtle vanilla and cinnamon character from some minimal oak contact, this 4.7% abv cider is wonderfully refreshing with a clean, dry finish.

Pear Cider 330mL

A combination of  Beurre Bosc and Packham’s Triumph Pears. An extremely luscious mouthfeel is the star factor here allowing for a clean refreshing finish whist your palate enjoys an onslaught of immense pear, ginger spice and lime peel backed with aromes of earthy, ripe pears.




29th August 2018

Spring is finally here

! We're looking forward to an exciting September here at IBS - footy finals have arrived, Father's Day is just around the corner, and the shop is brimming with stacks of delicious new beers, plus some returning favourites.

Check out all the updates and new arrivals below



NAIL BREWING - VPA (Very Pale Ale)

  Nail VPA

We are huge fans of Nail Brewing Co. at the International Beer Shop. They have been around since before craft beer was common, and have been consistently producing quality beers across a range of styles since they began. So what better way to show our love and support local than to showcase one of their best and most popular beers - their VPA or Very Pale Ale. One of W.A.'s worst kept secrets, this hometown classic received international recognition recently collecting a silver medal in the 'Australian or International Pale Ale' category of the prestigious World Beer Cup in Nashville USA.

Released back in 2015, VPA has been consistently perfect. Big tropical hop flavours, care of healthy additions of Azzaca, El Dorado and Galaxy hops, it is also balanced by a clean malt bill and moreish bitterness. At 6.5% ABV this beer certainly doesn't mess around, it is masterfully crafted into a refreshing and flavoursome brew that makes you come back for more.

We've got this beer on special all month long, so get down to the shop today (or you can buy it online here) and grab one of WA's best brews.





Boatrocker Logo


 BOATROCKER Stout 500mL - 5.6% ABV - 45 IBU
Our stout uses only the finest English malt and hops to give you a deliciously balanced and hearty ale. A fine ale good for any time of year but ever so satisfying when dark and cold outside.

BOATROCKER Apricot Wild Ale 500mL - 6.5% ABV - 6 IBU
An Australian Wild Ale, showcasing the best of Victorian summer apricots. A beer that is complex, funky, and full of fruit character.
Brewed with 200kg hand pitted apricots per 1000L beer.

BOATROCKER Dramjet Imperial Whisky Stout 500mL - 17.6% ABV
What is Dramjet? It is unlike anything you have tasted. It is intentionally still. It is fortified with STARWARD whisky. It is RAMJET turned up to 11. It is nearly 18% ABV. It has a cork so you can drink it later. It is made to share. It will push your boundaries of what is beer, and what is whisky. It is decadent and rich, luscious and moreish, with the best of both RAMJET and STARWARD in one bottle.


Little Bang Logo


LITTLE BANG Naked Objector IPA - 6.5% ABV - 90 IBU
So... There's this guy OK. Let's call him a friend of a friend... Actually, it's a long story. Come in for a beer and we'll tell you all about it.Here's what you need to know:
Brutal, musky, obnoxious, unreasonable and bitter, yet strangely compelling...
And he smells better than he looks

LITTLE BANG The Pinkening Hibiscus Session Sour - 3% ABV
It's pink alright. This tart, dry, bright and zippy pink drink is looking for the middle ground between beer and sour iced tea. I think the idea behind it was something like: "If we're going to make a light beer, we're making absolutely sure it isn't boring."

LITTLE BANG Icon Hoppy Steam Ale - 5% ABV
It's an Australian Lager but it's not. It's a Steam Ale but it's not. It's a hop bomb but it's not. It's a session beer and a geek fest at the same time. It's simple, really, but it's complex. Have we bastardised an Australian tradition? Have we sold out the Craft fraternity? Have we conflated a cultural icon with a computer icon? Have we over-thought this? Yes. Yes we have.


Modus Operandi

 MODUS OPERANDI Southern Hemispheric Black IPA 500mL CAN - 6.9% ABV

The third and final beer of their Black Label special edition. Using only the best of the best hops from the bottom half of the globe. The dark mask of this black IPA uncovers a tropical hop assault.


Colonial Inquest

 COLONIAL Inquest Imperial Porter 375mL CAN - 12% ABV

2018 Vintage - Building on Inquest 2017’s success, Colonial’s 14 brewers workshopped the concept for a beer that was rich, dark, strong and above 10 percent ABV. The result? A blend of three versions of imperial porter that were then blended with a 15 percent ABV imperial IPA – in other words, a Frankenporter.


Mountain Goat Logo

MOUNTAIN GOAT Barrel Breed Imperial Stout 2018 750mL - 9.3% ABV - 55 IBU

Only nine barrels made the final cut this year, making our fourth annual Barrel Breed Imperial Stout an extra limited release.
A lot of time and heart goes into our Barrel Breeds and our brewers select only the best barrels to go through to blending. Only nine made the final cut this year, making our fourth annual Barrel Breed Imperial Stout an extra limited release of 600 bottles. Three months of barrel ageing has brought out the most of this complex malt bill, resulting in an interwoven palate of sultanas, coffee and vanilla. Enjoy this winter to get the most of the rich, toffee sweetness and whisky notes.




Prancing Pony Logo


PRANCING PONY Black Ale 330mL - 6% ABV - 35 IBU | Click here to buy!
This dark ale is between an ‘American Black Ale’ and ‘American Stout’ according to British Ale Style Guide. Designed with reduced burned roast astringency and low on dry roast bitterness finishing normally found in stouts, this Black Ale has been crafted with a balanced towards rich roasted malty flavours, coffee, chocolate, liquorice and molasses. Late, lingering with moderate bitterness to balance the initial sweetness.

PRANCING PONY India Red Ale 330mL - 7.9% ABV - 60 IBU | Click here to buy!
This ale is based on ‘American Imperial Double Red Ale’ according to the British Ale Style Guide. With a dark red brownish colour, a firm creamy head and lots of fruity aromas on the nose, this ale has a big, malty body with late bitterness. The Red has been crafted with big dry hop aromas coming through from citrusy and tropical fruity hop varieties. With late lingering bitterness it is in perfect harmony with the fruity hop aromas. This Thoroughbred goes well with Asian and Curry dishes and presents well when matched to blue cheeses and smoked meats.


Rocky Ridge logo


 ROCKY RIDGE Orange C NEIPA 375mL CAN - 5.6% ABV | Click here to buy!
Made with Pale Malt, Caramel Malt, Wheat and Oats, hopped up with Columbus and Centennial, and a hefty dose of Oranges, this 5.6% ABV thirst quencher will take you back to those happy childhood summer days...

ROCKY RIDGE I Scream Ale 375mL CAN - 4.8% ABV | Click here to buy!
A sessionable summer ale that tastes like sunshine, exclusively available at Ice Cream Factory


Dainton Logo


 DAINTON Guava Grisette 355mL CAN - 4.2% ABV - 15 IBU | | Click here to buy!

 Ain't Guava that stuff in the red lip balm tubes? Surely this beer tastes better than that? Or do you like that taste? Too bad, we think this beer is yum. Light and sprite like a woodland pixie. Contains no pixie (though 14% elf)...

DAINTON Mocca Chocca New England Black Rye IPA 355mL CAN - 6% ABV - 29 IBU | Click here to buy!

Normally I hate "A's" on the end of words. I prefer them at the start. Also, I like chocolate at the start of a meal not at the end. This beer is going to confuse you. Yes, I might have Thursday before which same. I mean witch.

DAINTON Fruit Punch IPA 355mL CAN - 6% ABV - 40 IBU | Click here to buy!

Fruit Punch, yummy yummy! The first step, brew a hoppy beer! The second step, add in some passion-fruit! The third step, pineapple too! The last step, drink it down and enjoy - yeah!
Brewed in Collaboration with our mate Lachy from BALLISTIC BEER CO.

DAINTON Double Red Eye 355mL CAN - 7.4% ABV - 70 IBU | Click here to buy!

So we've survived two years of madness at the brewery with our sanity somewhat intact! This beer is brewed in celebration of this fact, and of winning Champion Australian Independent Amber/Dark ale for our first ever commercially brewed beer!

 SN Otra Vez

SIERRA NEVADA Otra Vez Lime & Blue Agave Gose 355mL CAN - 4.9% ABV - 6 IBU | Click here to buy!

We combined the classic flavors of lime and blue agave nectar in a tart gose-style beer for the ultimate answer to the heavy heat of the day. The bright lime flavor helps wake up the palate while the mild sweetness of the agave rounds out the tangy zip of the citrus fruit. Light and refreshing, this all-new Otra Vez will have you calling for another round.


Aktien Landbier


 AKTIEN LANDBIER 1857 Helles 500mL - 5.3% ABV - 18 IBU | Click here to buy!

Original 1857 is a bottom-fermented export beer of unusually high quality. Golden yellow in colour, with a fine white head of foam, as the glass is being filled it already promises the waiting beer connoisseur to expect a tangy, fresh and tasty beer. On initial tasting, Original 1857 develops a full-bodied spicy flavour and then gives a satisfying balanced hopped note in the aftertaste. This is provided by the high degree of fermentation, which also makes Original 1857 particularly agreeable. It looks golden and the beer has a flavour of green apples, honey and flowers. The beer has a mild body and is not too bitter.

AKTIEN LANDBIER Zwick'l Amber Ale 500mL - 5.3% - 18 IBU | Click here to buy!

AKTIEN Zwick’l Kellerbier is a specialty beer with a light delicate reddish colour. It is unfiltered and therefore slightly opaque. Because of this, the natural ingredients such as protein, brewer's yeast and other flavour enhancers are fully retained and manifest themselves in a full-bodied spicy flavour with finely balanced nuances of malt and bitters.

AKTIEN LANDBIER Dunkel 500mL - 5.3% ABV - 18 IBU | Click here to buy!

A beer like his home. Original, honest and full of character, our AKTIEN Landbier presents itself as a dark, spicy beer that can not be missed in Franconia with a hearty snack in a sociable atmosphere and thus characterizes the uniqueness of the Franconian way of life. Our brewers are also committed to this tradition. The exquisite selection of roasted special malt and light barley malt as well as the spring-fresh Fichtel Mountain Water give our AKTIEN Landbier its typical character and its fine malt aroma.

 Weltenburger Kloster


WELTENBURGER KLOSTER Anno 1050 Märzen 500mL - 5.5% ABV | Click here to buy!

The golden yellow Märzen beer, a jewel of Bavarian brewing, combines the exceptionally fine scent with a light, fruity flavour. Full-bodied and spicy at the same time, the malt is emphasized from the first sip to the finish.

WELTENBURGER KLOSTER Barock Dunkel 500mL - 4.7% ABV | Click here to buy!

The world´s oldest dark beer. A true experience of flavour. Full bodied, with fine malt aromas. slightly bitter with some sweetness, creamy and with the warm colours of amber, intensive flavour and fragrance.
Brewed in traditional monastic manner, its one of the great beers.

WELTENBURGER KLOSTER Asam Bock 500mL - 6.9% ABV - 21 IBU | Click here to buy!

A strong, dark Doppelbock that´s more than meets the eye. Malty-aromatic, sweet, pleasantly heavy, with an intensive fragrance and strong flavour; a world known specialty just like its baroque namesake, the brilliant painter and architect Cosmas Damian Asam.
Dark cola colour with short lasting head. Caramel sweet malt aroma with a coffee taste also some hints of chocolate and nuts, alcohol doesn't show much but it is there alright. Medium to full bodied, but very smooth and easy to drink.


Maisel's Weisse

MAISEL'S WEISSE Original Hefeweizen 500mL - 5.2% ABV - 12 IBU | Click here to buy!

Traditional weissbier made according to the old Bavarian style with the unmistakable character of the fine cellar yeast.

 Cannibus Club

CANNIBUS CLUB Hemp Oil Pilsner 330mL - 4.9% ABV | Click here to buy!

A unique organic pilsner brewed with Wiener & Pilsner malts, Hersbrucker hops and spring water infused with hemp.
Before the Purity Law was passed in 1516, brewing often used house-specific herbal mixtures called “gruit”, to flavour and season the beer. Hemp was already a widespread crop at that time and amongst many other applications was used alongside hops for bittering beer. The brewers at Weissenoher strongly believe in the ecological benefits of growing hemp and this beer is their contribution towards reinstating its legitimacy as being recognised as a viable crop.

 Weissenoher Zwickel

WEISSENOHER Zwickel Pils 750mL Stone Bottle - 5.6% ABV | Click here to buy!

We had been itching for some time to make a somewhat strong, full-bodied Helles. So we made a batch of Pils with an elevated level of original wort, 13.6%. Additionally, we dry hopped generously, using our traditional Hersbrucker noble hops. This way, this time honoured variety of hops, a native of our Franconian home country, will fully develop it’s impressive aromatic potential. Our Zwickel Pils is a non filtered beer, paying homage to the tradition of bottling straight from the barrel. Satisfyingly full bodied and aromatic with hops. Our Zwickel is a Weissenohe masterpiece of an expressive, regional and traditional speciality beer.


GrevensteinerVELTINS Grevensteiner Original 500mL - 5.2% ABV | Click here to buy!

A beer made out of tradition. Back to the roots: The brewery C. & A. Veltins revives its venerable knowledge in the craft of beer brewing with its new beer brand Grevensteiner Original – Inspired by the traditional brewing of the twins Carl and Anton Veltins during the beginning of the last century. The beer shines palely amber coloured with orange reflections from inside the mug with the family brewerys’ more than 100 year old lettering style as an ornament. The brewery C. & A. Veltins has been associated with the historical and bulbous Steinie bottle for decades. That is why the traditional Steinie bottle, the historically appearing label, as well as the sealing on the crown cork brings the history and long tradition to life in a modern product.



It's Father's Day just around the corner and our new affiliation with Liquor Barons mean you all get access to their great range of specials. If you're looking for a great deal for Father's Day check out the catalogue here

There's also great deals on beer, wine and spirits every month, check out this month's deals below. Note these deals are only available in-store

LB specials




7th August 2018

Happy August everyone, hope we all are staying dry and warm through this dark and stormy winter we are having (well in Perth anyway). It sure has been a long time since updates because there have been some big changes at the shop (all good) and we have been crazy busy getting everything in top shape. Check out the details below.


 Liquor Barons Logo

As our members and local customers are now aware, since the start of this financial year, we have gone under the Liquor Barons banner group. Our new official name will be Liquor Barons Leederville International Beer Shop... but you can keep calling us IBS if you want.

This doesn't mean we are going away, or becoming a franchise. Liquor Barons is not owned by Coles or Woolworths, it is simply a collection of liquor stores which pool their resources to buy at better prices, and pass the savings onto our customers. We will still continue to stock a very wide range of all of your favourite traditional and new world craft beers, along with as many of the one-off brews and special releases we manage to squeeze onto our shelves. We are still the same team of beer nerds and homebrewers you've gotten to know over the years. As far as those who only order online are concerned, nothing will change.

This isn't a decision we came to lightly, after careful consideration we went for Liquor Barons because they allow us the greatest freedom to continue doing what we do, and stock whatever we want. In essence we have just expanded our range to cater to all liquor store customers, and also offer cheaper prices and specials on a wide range of items.

Now we have gotten that out of the way, lets get back to what you came here for, delicious local and international brews!



 Hazy IPA

This month we see the arrival of a new beer from the pioneers of craft beer out of the United States - Sierra Nevada. They are joining in on the haze craze with their Hazy Little Thing IPA - an unfiltered, unprocessed, hop-heavy IPA.

We here at International Beer Shop love this one, it sits perfectly between the bitter hop bombs of the West Coast, and the fruity, juicy numbers coming from the East. It has the juiciness you've come to love from the NEIPAs but with enough of a bitter backbone to dry out the palate and keep you coming back for more. Perfect!

To make it easier for you to try it out for yourself we have dropped the price for the whole month of August to $24.99 a 6-pack (usual price $30.99) and $94.99 for a carton (usual price $104.99). Grab some in-store or online here, while stocks last!



July and August has seen some great new beers and returning favourites hit our shelves - due to limited numbers on the special releases, only certain beers will be available for purchase online. For the others you'll have to come down to our Leederville shop to pick some up. Check them out below.


*NEW* 4 PINES 10th Birthday Keller Door Gift Pack

4 Pines Keller Door Pack
Contains 4x500mL bottles of 4 Pines most popular Keller Door releases over the past 10 years. Contains one bottle each of the following;

El Dorado IPA - 6% ABV - 55 IBU - A big, hop driven IPA using 100% El Dorado hops, giving a multi-layered aroma & taste contribution including tropical fruit, cotton candy, pear, cut grass & watermelon.

Imperial IPA - 9% ABV - 84 IBU - A big hop bomb with a fat malty body, dogged bitterness and aggressive pineapple and tropical aromas.

West Coast Red Rye IPA - 7.3% ABV - 65 IBU - Described as a harmonious balance of grapefruit hop character, candy-like rye malt sweetness and spice, with high alcohol warmth.

Oaked Baltic Porter - 7.5% ABV - 37 IBU - Smooth and warming with a rich, sweet body, infused with French oak and whiskey barrels to give it a unique complexity of light vanilla and earthy minerals.

*NEW* ROCKY RIDGE / BEERLAND Undead Monk Belgian Stout 375mL CAN - 6.66% ABV

Undead Monk

Beerland (Whitfords, Northbridge) have teamed up with Rocky Ridge (Margaret River) for their first collaboration brew, and it's a cracker!
Belgian yeast derived esters lead you into a lighter than expected body where chocolate, light liquorice and muted coffee appear alongside a little spice. The smooth mouthfeel is aided by a slight creamy carbonation before giving way to a dry finish. (credit Guy Southern for tasting notes)

*RETURNING* GARAGE PROJECT Nitro Cereal Milk Stout 330mL CAN - 4.7% ABV

Cereal Milk Stout

NOW ON NITRO! Cereal Milk. Let’s be honest, it’s the best bit of breakfast in a bowl. Here in this beer we’ve combined this creamy comfort food with the rich, roast character of the milk stout. Brewed with corn flakes, oats, chocolate wheat and a generous dose of milk sugar, Cereal Milk Stout is rich, smooth and redolent of the sweet remnants of the breakfast bowl. Grab a spoon and dig in.

*NEW* MODUS OPERANDI Silent Knight Porter 500mL CAN - 5.6% ABV Silent Knight

Aromas of rich chocolate and roast on the nose, we brewed our porter with the idea of a session version of a Russian Imperial Stout in mind. a complex blend of 9 types of malt form a dessert like blend of chocolate, roast and caramel flavour while still finishing on the light and dry side.

*NEW* DAINTON / BRISBANE BREWING The Cold Brew Baltic Imperial Stout 355mL CAN - 10% ABV - 50 IBU

The Cold Brew

Take an Ethiopian and Kenyan coffee cold brew them for 48 hours and chuck them into an imperial stout. Ferment with a lager yeast at a cold temperature and you get "The Cold Brew". Prepare to get buzzed and boozed in the one go.


Balter IIPA

Balter’s IIPA is another one of those triumphant tips of the hat to well-earned success. Bursting with hops, strong in ABV(8.6%) and coming in a tall tin, it is large in every way. A noble beer for a noble thirst, this Imperial IPA is like a tangy fruit salad with extra punch.

Clean, hefty hop notes provide substantial palate weight with hints of pineapple, pine and citrus, while the higher alcohol content delivers a delightfully dry, spicy finish. In a tall tin so you can share it with a mate celebrating a royal achievement, or simply soaking up the last shadows of a classic day.




*RETURNING* CHEEKY MONKEY Silverback Russian Imperial Stout 500mL CAN - 10% ABV

Silverback Stout

Our flagship Winter Seasonal brew. Originally brewed for our first birthday celebration, and now a staple brew every Winter, this Russian Imperial Stout will shake the chill right of your back!
Buy online here!

*NEW* DAINTON Grapefruit Sour New England IPA 355mL CAN - 5.2% ABV - 23 IBU

Grapefruit sour NEIPA

A Sour Grapefruit version of their brilliant Blood Orange New England IPA
Buy online here!

*NEW* BREWDOG Nitro Jet Black Heart Vanilla Milk Stout 330mL CAN - 4.7% ABV - 30 IBU

Jet Black Heart

NOW ON NITRO! Jet Black Heart is a 4.7% milk stout, loaded with oatmeal for an extra lush mouth-feel and nitro in the can; expect decadent cacao, subtle roastiness, and autumnal fruitiness with a dark seductive edge. Inspired by some of the awesome craft nitro stouts we tried in the US we wanted to put our own spin on the style and also introduce nitro beers to BrewDog bars.
Buy online here!

*NEW* BREWDOG Clockwork Tangerine Session IPA 330mL CAN - 4.5% ABV

Clockwork Tangerine
Clockwork Tangerine first made an appearance last year when it took the crown in our 2017 Prototype Challenge under the pseudonym of 'Tangerine Session IPA'.
A flavour profile that'll tick all those boxes as we head into the summer months! At 4.5% it's a standout session beer that packs a juicy citrus hit and mellow tropical notes on a toasty and caramel background.
Buy online here!

*NEW* BREWDOG Native Son West Coast Double IPA 330mL CAN - 8.5% ABV - 70 IBU

Native Son
Dry-hopped with Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe and Centennial, it has a superb combination of tropical and citrus fruit, with huge fresh grassy notes, and a big savoury smack of dank hop. Native Son clocks in at double IPA strength, but has effortless drinkability, with crystal malt providing light complexity and a shred of sweetness – no big chewy toffee notes. Bittered with Columbus and Chinook, there’s a driving bassline of pine; both sticky resin and cut wood – a building presence that melds beautifully with the green hop notes.
Buy online here!

*RETURNING* GARAGE PROJECT White Mischief Salted White Peach Sour 330mL CAN - 2.9% ABV

White Mischief
Kettle soured wheat, lightly salted and infused with white peaches - a delicate three way salty, sweet and sour balancing act. A little bit of white mischief in a beer where anything gose.
Brewed for Wellington On A Plate 2015.
Buy online here!

*RETURNING* MORNINGTON Hop Culture Session IPA 330mL CAN - 4.9% ABV

Hop Culture
Mornington’s latest addition to their IPA family, Hop culture Session IPA has been created to fit snuggly between the Pale ale and the IPA. Hop culture is an approachable IPA using Equinox and Citra hops creating a fruit-bomb aroma. A lean palate, medium bitterness, aromas of lemon, citrus and mango.
Buy online here!



Ray Jordan is at it again and has released his hottest 100 wines list for 2018! We are stocking as many of them as we can fit on our shelves, we'll feature the winners below.


FHE Shiraz

Our Shiraz was picked then de-stemmed into a combination of small open fermenters, maintaining as many whole berries as possible. In addition, we also filled a small vessel for 100% whole bunch fermentation (<5% of blend). Fermenters were pumped over or plunged by hand twice a day; temperature was held around 25°C. The wine was then pressed to Burgundian barriques, Hogsheads and larger format oak vessels (less than 15% new) for Malo-lactic fermentation, allowing a soft integration of the grape and oak tannins. The wine was blended, fined with egg whites and bottled after 12 months maturation.
ONLY $29.99 each!


THE #1 BEST VALUE WINE OF 2018 - HOUGHTON 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon

Houghton Cab Sauv

Houghton Cabernet Sauvignon from the Stripe series of wines has loads of cassis and dark plum flavours that are perfectly balanced with hints of cigar box, soft tannins and a touch of oak. A true WA Cabernet for a fantastic price!
ONLY $9.99 each!



9th April 2018

A month of Sour Madness – 30% OFF ALL Belgian Sours!

Month of Sours


Our focus this month is all about sprouting the virtues of Belgian Sour Beers. We understand that these beers whilst highly sought-after are also at the pricey end so we are offering 30% OFF our entire range of Belgian Lambic, Gueuze and Flemish style sour beers.

Beer from some of the best producers of these styles on the planet. Rodenbach. Tilquin, Boon, Hanssens, Lindemans, Oud Beersel to name a few. This also includes a wide range of Fruit beers which can be both sour or sweet. These can be the perfect cross-over beers for those that are new to sours with a nice hit of fruit complimenting the funky sour  flavours on offer to the palate.

As far as we are aware this is the first time in International Beer Shop history that we've held a sale of this magnitude across our range of some of the most highly sought-after sours beers on the planet. Best be quick with this one. Strictly whilst stocks last.

If you can't make it to the shop this month and would like to order, or would just like to see what we have in stock, please click here for details. 




Black Brewing Competition


International Beer Shop is proud to be a participating outlet of the Black Brewing Co’s “Win a Margaret River Experience” promotion.

Simply any 6 Pack from the Black Brewing Range throughout the month of April at International Beer Shop and you can enter in to the draw for your chance to win.

There are 3 winning chances from around the country with winners to be drawn on Monday 7th May 2018. Our staff will prompt you at point of purchase to get your details in to the entry box. 



To support this promotion from one of our favourite local breweries we have reduced our pack pricing for the month. 6 packs from the Black Brewing Range are on special at the discounted price of $19.99 with the exception of the XPA which has been reduced to $24.99. Purchasing a 4 pack of Saison will also get you in to the draw available at the special price of $13.99.

If Gin is your thing we’ve knocked $10 off the price of a 700mL bottle of Black Brewing Co’s Still Black Gin for the month, a absolute steal at $60 and will also get you an entry in to the big draw. If you’d like to know more please clink on this link http://www.blackbrewingco.com.au/competition and while you are at it why not check out Black Brewing’s favourite son, Gunslinger Hoskins, doing his thing in front of the camera lens. Love your work Tim.



Wine sale

After such an amazing response to our March promotion of 25% off on all Red Wine we have decided to continue it through the month of April.

Beer is our thing but we do like to dabble in a little wine as well, so in appreciation for the support we hope you enjoy and take advantage of another month of special pricing across our quirky hand-selected stable of red wines.


Paul "I Am Sours Man" Russell


2nd March 2018


Summer has ended without really challenging our thermostats and with Autumn upon us we are embracing a season and period of change.

First up we must mention one of our own - you all know him as our resident beer connoisseur Gab - after a 5 year stint with the International Beer Shop has decided to seek new challenges elsewhere within the liquor industry. Gabriel has been an invaluable member of the IBS team over recent years and his encyclopedic knowledge of the Craft scene we will be sorely missed. We will forever regard him as a brother and wish him well with his new adventures. Cheers to the future, GAB!



Our summer fling with White wine will soon be forgotten and we’ll start to look for a more meaningful relationship with the beloved Reds. With this in mind, throughout the month of March we are offering 25% off all single pricing on our entire Red Wine Range. This is a great opportunity to snap up a bargain on your favourite red wines or try some of the exotic new selections we have recently introduced to our line up.



If you love your Spirits don’t look away between Friday the 9th March – Saturday 11th March. Its 20% off single pricing of our entire range of spirits (excluding 1 or 2 already ticketed clearance items) over this weekend. It’s pretty much cost price across the entire range as we don’t extort with everyday pricing like some others (who we politely won’t mention here). We have a super impressive selection of premium Gins & Rye Whiskies at the moment which will be priced to sell, so tell your mates and families and get ‘em to buy that special bottle for you!



For those looking for a friendly bargain, we expect our Back Pallet section to be heaving over the next few months. We’ve got plenty of heavily discounted stock lined up over the next couple of months, so keep your eyes on our Facebook page for regular updates to the list as deliveries arrive. You can check out some of our current bargains here.



Keg to Keg fills are now happening and have gone off without a hitch. Growlers of all shapes and sizes can now be filled too. Massive kudos to Chris, our resident home brew specialist, for his expertise in making this possible. If you are interested in keg to keg fills please contact us for more information, or check out our article here.



Here at the International Beer Shop we always aim to be current, relevant and ahead of the game where possible. We’ve recently re-launched our website / online shop, and whilst still a work in progress, we expect over coming months this will evolve and become an integral part of how we present new, rare and exclusive beers to you in future. Watch this space....

A couple of teasers to end the March blog. If you love your Sours look no further than 256 Oxford Street in Leederville during the Autumn period. Crazy sales are looming on some of the world’s best. You also might like to keep your eyes on our back roller door over the coming months as we contemplate big changes to our rear carpark area... just sayin’... this one is a biggie for our future! Cheers all... sip away!


Paul "NEEEEEPA!" Russell 


6th February 2018


Can you believe it's February already! Seems like Christmas was just yesterday, but here we are... Hope everyone had a great summer break, unfortunately now it's back to school for the kids and back to work for you. Luckily we have lots of great things coming up, such as...



We have now launched our expanded growler / draught beer station to fill any kind of vessel you may have - check out the article here but the TL:DR (too long: didn't read) version is that we can now (counter-pressure) fill most sizes and types of mini kegs as long as they have a ball lock or pin lock fitting. We can now accomodate all kinds of growlers, be they metal or oversized, we can (non counter-pressure) fill any growlers you may have. And we are also offering (counter-pressure) fills of plastic PET bottles, either bring in your own (for a by-the-50mL price) or purchase a 750mL bottle in-store, filled for the same price as a squealer.



You may have noticed that we haven't been running Brewery of the Month this year. We have decided, after trying it out for over a year, that it isn't working for us, or you. While we did have success with it on some months, it has become clear to us that our customers don't care about us showcasing breweries, you just want good deals on great beer. We have listened and Brewery of the Month will be no more.

In it's place, we will be running more in-store specials on selected products. These will change regularly and will only be available in-store, so make sure you get down to our shop regularly to see what's on offer. Don't worry if you're not a Perth local, we will continue to have regular members only / online only specials running (such as the coupon code in this month's member email), so you guys don't miss out! 



It's nearly Valentine's Day again, the day devoted to the biggest love in your life. For us it is beer, but we know many of you will claim it's your partner. Luckily our Valentine's Day specials will cater to both of your biggest loves, how sweet!


Buy any bottle of wine AND any six-pack of beer from our extensive range and get 20% off both!*


Buy any 2 bottles of wine from our extensive range and get 20% off both!*


Buy any 2 six-packs of beer from our extensive range and get 20% off both!*

*Offer excludes any items already on special, valid 14th February only


Hope everyone has a great February, and we'll see you again in Autumn!


Chris "From IBS" Hohmann


5th December 2017


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas - here at the International Beer Shop now that December has arrived. We must have been well behaved in 2017 as our Christmas present has come early - our new website has gone live! I mean, well obviously, since, *clears throat* you are reading this blog on the new site... But as some of you know, this has been a long time coming and we couldn't be happier that it's finally live! But, alas, live does not mean finished - we are working hard to squash the inevitable bugs that come with all new sites, update the stock that is available on the site, and make the site more functional and better looking - so bear with us and keep an eye out over the next weeks (and months) for some exciting additions, online only specials, and of course, a stack of new beers.

We would love your feedback on the site, so if you have any issues or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact us.

That being said, our website IS fully functional as a store (as some lucky customers already know), so please utilise the site if you'd like to purchase or send gifts this Christmas. Not all of our stock is available on the website yet, so if there's something you're chasing that you can't find on the website, please contact us and we'll let you know if we have it, and how to go about ordering it.

*PLEASE NOTE* - Australia Post is extremely busy at this time of year, so expect delays to the regular delivery times and make sure to get in quick to be sure your order arrives before the big day. As a very rough guide, customers should order by the following dates for the best chance your order will arrive on time (of course if you order after these dates you might still be OK, but I never knew you liked to gamble...);

Western Australia (non-metro areas) - Thursday 14th December

Perth - Monday 18th December

Outside of WA (non-metro areas) - Monday 11th December

Outside of WA (metro areas) -  Wednesday 13th December 



Looking for some ideas for Christmas gifts? We have been busy securing some amazing Belgian Beer Gift Packs for you this festive season. Exclusive to the International Beer Shop, you will not find many of these gift packs anywhere else in Australia. Check them out here. If you’d prefer to take the hard work out of Christmas gifting this year, simply purchase your loved ones or colleagues an International Beer Shop Gift Voucher to the denomination of your choice. Our gift vouchers can be used across our extensive range in-store, be it beer, wines, spirits or even our fantastic range of chili sauces and chocolates.

Unfortunately the Gift Packs aren't available for purchase via the website and Gift Cards can't be purchased or redeemed via the website - YET. We are working hard to fix this and we will keep you updated on the progress (hopefully the Gift Packs should appear in the next few days). If you'd like to order any Gift Packs for delivery or would like to purchase a Gift Card to be mailed out or picked up in-store, please contact us and we'll let you know how to go about ordering it offline. 



It’s also beginning to look a lot like... FERAL - here at the International Beer Shop this festive season. Feral Brewing Company is our December Brewery of the Month and we have smashed prices across the entire Feral range. It’s perfect timing to reward yourself with some long time favourites and celebrate the season in style. Check out these crazy deals here.

For those among you who love their beer in draught form we will be tapping a couple of cracking kegs from Feral this month so keep your eyes and ears out for our tap updates on our Facebook or Now Tapped page.



Speaking of kegs, and in particular to our homebrew enthusiasts who have their own keg equipment, we are exploring if there is any demand for keg to keg fills among you. It is a service we now have the ability to provide. It will be much better better pricing than Growler fills, and can fill most kinds of kegs with high quality craft beer for the beer snob (I mean connoisseur), or cheap draught beer for those who just love beer.  If this is of interest to you please contact for further discussion.



It will be all hands on deck during this busy time of year for us. Our opening hours will be as usual up until the week leading in to Christmas where we will extend our trading hours as detailed below;

Monday 18th Dec 9am – 8.30pm
Tuesday 19th Dec 9am – 8.30pm
Wednesday 20th Dec 9am – 9pm
Thursday 21st Dec 9am – 9pm
Friday 22nd Dec 9am – 9pm
Saturday 23rd Dec 9am – 9pm
Sunday 24th Dec - CHRISTMAS EVE 10am – 8pm
Tuesday 26th Dec - BOXING DAY CLOSED
Wednesday 27th Dec 10.30am – 8.30pm
Thursday 28th Dec 10.30am – 9pm
Friday 29th Dec 10.30am – 9pm
Saturday 30th Dec 10am – 9pm
Sunday 31st Dec - NEW YEARS EVE 10am – 8pm



From all the crew here at the International Beer Shop we’d like to extend our very best Christmas and New Year wishes to all beer enthusiasts across the globe;

In particular to you our biggest supporters, our IBS members and friends and families thereof;

To all our suppliers and sales representatives;

To our very dear friends Russell, Linda and John down at Rickety Gate Wines in Denmark WA;

To our owner, leader and founder Leif Ryan and family;

And last but not least to each and every one of our customers throughout 2017. We could not do what we do without your continued support and custom.

Please drink responsibly and be safe this festive season. Here’s to a very Merry Christmas for all!


Beer tree 

Under the Liquor Control Act 1988 it is an offence:
To sell or supply liquor to a person under the age of 18 years on licensed or regulated premises; or For a person under the age of 18 years to purchase, or attempt to purchase, liquor on licensed or regulated premises

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