Belle Vue Kriek

Style: Lambic, Fruit, Fruit Beer
Alcohol: 5.2% ABV
Brewery: Belle Vue Brasserie
Country/Region: Belgium

Product Description:

Belle Vue is a Belgian brewer that started out in the early 1900's, not as a brewer but as a buyer and blender of lambic style beers. Now owned by the mega-brewer Interbrew, Belle Vue are world famous for their fruit flavoured lambic, and blended lambic (gueuze) styles. Lambics are one of the oldest beer styles that start out as wheat beers made with stale hops and naturally occuring yeasts that live in the districts and countryside around southern Brussels. This produces a strong acidic yeasty beer which is often balanced by adding fruit, usually cherries and aged in oak barrels to give it a softer fruitier woody aged character. The resulting style is know as a fruit-lambic and makes an excellent substitute for dry wines or champagne, especially with food.

Belle Vue Fruit lambics are generally at the softer slightly sweeter more commerical end of the style and hence serve as a good introduction to this unique beer style. Served correctly in special long tall glasses or even champagne flutes, most people will find it hard to believe it is a beer at all. Many people who do not like "yellow bitter fizzy beer" will enjoy and appreciate this subtler style.

The brewer describes this beer as "An elegant refreshing fruity beer brewed with an abundance of fruit (in this case 10% cherries) and naturally matured in oak barrels for 3 years".

Tasting Notes:

The bottle pours a clear cherry-rasberry red colour, and mid- pink-red, fine, medium lasting head. A trace of sediment left in bottle. Definitive fruity berry and cherry sweet aroma. Typical kriek fruity, slightly musty, flavour with moderately well balanced acid-sweet palate and sour-dry refreshing finish. 


No longer available

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You can buy Belle Vue Kriek in the following pack sizes:
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Single (1 x 250ml Bottle) $5.99
6-Pack (6 x 250ml Bottles) $29.99
Carton 24 (24 x 250ml Bottles) $99.99
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