Liefmans Frambozen

Style: Flanders Red / Oud Bruin, Fruit Beer
Alcohol: 4.5% ABV
Brewery: Liefmans
Country/Region: Belgium

Product Description:

This is a classy, Belgian fruit beer, infused with the juice of raspberries. Pours a deep ruby red, with sweet and tart raspberry, and bready yeast, aromas and flavours. There’s a creamy, smooth mouth-feel and just the right amount of lip-smacking fruity flavour, and lambic sourness, in the Liefmans fruit beers. Perfect for the summer months.

The first written reference to the brewery goes back to the year 1679. Consequently we know for sure that the brewery is over 300 years old. Around 1770 a certain Jacobus Liefmans establishes himself as a brewer in Oudenaarde.

In 1905, due to trouble finding a successor, the brewery was sold to the businessman Pierre van Geluwe. In those days the brewery was situated near the Krekelput. In the deed of sale it was expressly stated that the name Liefmans should be preserved at all times in view of the ancient tradition in Oudenaarde.

When the brewery had to be expanded once again in 1923 and problems arose with respect to water collection, premises were purchased on the banks of the Schelde, notably near the Aalststraat.

Around 1930 they moved into the new premises and for the very first time the largely renovated brewing equipment was used to brew.

After the sudden and unanticipated death of Paul van Geluwe de Berlaere in 1972, succession became once again a problem. In 1974 the family finally came across the major English Vaux conglomerate which showed interest as it was looking for channels to introduce its beers on the Belgian market.

The English have no doubt left a clear mark on the corporate identity of the Liefmans brewery.

In 1985 the brewery became the property of a Belgian-Zairian bank and the malt-house De Wolf from Aalst.

In the late 1980's the new owners decided to resell the brewery. The takeover in 1990 by breweries Riva from Dentergem secured the future of this historic brewery and gave it a new aura. The brewing premises and equipment have been upgraded and the brewery, with its rich industrial archeology, will from now on be open to the public.

The beer fanatics can come down here to witness how industrial archeology and state of the art technology go hand in hand. In taking this initiative, the management intends to contribute to the preservation of Belgium's beer patrimony.

Tasting Notes:

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