Style: Amber / Red Ale, Belgian Strong Dark Ale
Alcohol: 8% ABV
Brewery: Unibroue
Country/Region: Canada

Product Description:

Maudite (French for ‘Damned’) was the first strong beer to be retailed in Québec, Canada, Unibroue's home state. The brew contains 8% alcohol, has a shelf life of three years and will improve – taking on a port-like character – with age. The robust maltiness and spiciness of this mahogany, amber-red ale is counterbalanced by an assertive hop finish, offering a distinctive flavour that is cognac-like in its complexity. Maudite should be served cool but not cold, and is a perfect accompaniment to pasta, pizza, red meats, stews and spicy dishes.

The word ‘Maudite’ has many meanings in Québécois culture. In this case it refers to the legend of the “Chasse-Galerie” (or Flying Canoe), which tells the story of eight daring woodsmen who, during winter, pledged their souls to the devil in return for a flight to their home village in a canoe. As they sailed across the moonlit sky (as is depicted on the beer’s label), one of the lumberjacks invoked the name of God, freeing himself from the pledge but causing the canoe to come crashing down to earth. According to the legend, the men were never seen again.

Tasting Notes:

Murky amber/brown coloured body with an off-white head which was large and lasted fairly well. Aroma was not too full until it warmed a little, slight pepper, spice and cocoa. Lovely malt mouthfeel in the taste followed by dried fruit, orange and alcohol. Medium body makes it very easy to drink.



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