Saison Dupont

Style: Saison
Alcohol: 6.5% ABV
Brewery: Dupont Brasserie
Country/Region: Belgium

Product Description:

Brasserie Dupont specialises in producing saisons - farmhouse ales traditionally brewed in the winter to sustain the farm labourers during the summer (infact "saison" literally translates to "season"). Because of this origin saisons are refreshing and light beers, with a low terminal gravity which makes them remarkably dry.
In recent times there has been a trend towards producing high gravity "super saisons". Dupont produced the first of these beers in the 1950s under the Moinette label (Moinette Blonde and Moinette Brune). The Avec Les Bon Voeux reinforced this concept, and paved the way for this new style of beer.
Saisons are complex beers - fruity, dry and spicy. Much of the flavour comes from use of some unique top fermenting yeast strains. These strains are believed to be ancestors of the family of yeast used in red wine production, evolving over decades of use in farmhouse breweries to become what they are today. These lend spicy flavours, reminiscent of orange peel, clove, allspice, citrus, cut grass and coriander. Saisons also have a distinct "funkyness" about them - earthy and rustic flavours as comforting as a good red wine. Duponts beers have a more aggressive hop character than other Belgian ales, adding to the complexity and refreshing nature of the style.
With the exception of the Moinette, the Dupont beers come in 750mL corked champagne-style bottles. This is the traditional bottling method of farmhouse breweries such as Dupont, a logical extension given the vinous characters of the beers, and not surprising considering they are such close neighbours to France!
This complex style could also benefit from several years in a cellar.

Tasting Notes:

Saison Dupont - the undisputed classic! This beer renewed the popularity of this style, which was almost extinct until Michael Jackson convinced Don Feinberg of Vanberg & DeWulf to import Saison Dupont into America. Until then, astonishingly, it was Duponts least popular beer. It is a beautifully balanced and complex beer - fruity, aromatic and dry.

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Single (1 x 330ml Bottle) $5.99
Single (1 x 750ml Bottle) $11.95
4-Pack (4 x 330ml Bottles) $19.99
4-Pack (4 x 750ml Bottles) $41.99
Carton 24 (24 x 330ml Bottles) $105.99
Carton 12 (12 x 750ml Bottles) $109.99
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