Cantillon Gueuze

Style: Lambic, Gueuze
Alcohol: 5% ABV
Brewery: Cantillon Brasserie
Country/Region: Belgium

Product Description:

Lambic is made from a blend of malted barley, raw wheat and debittered (3 year old) hops. The wort is exposed to wild yeasts and natural bacteria by cooling in an open vat. The beer is matured in oakwood or chestnut barrels, (which also harbour the wild yeasts and bacteria), and left to naturally ferment in the brewerys cellar for up to 3 years. The wild bugs cause the beer to ferment natural (spontaneously) - that is without the addition of any commercial yeast strain. The result is a light bodied but intensely sour and complex beer with a tartness reminiscent of a hard cider or white wine.
Lambic brewers often add fruit to the casks mid fermentation. The beer then takes on intense fruit flavours and colours, though interestingly the fruit does not add any sweetness to the beer.
The beer is commonly bottled in 750mL corked champagne bottles - fitting due to the vinous character of this style. We are lucky enough to have 375mL corked bottles also.

Tasting Notes:

Cantillon Gueuze is a blend of 1, 2 and 3 year old lambics without any added fruits or sugars. Complex aromas of pear, apples, and peaches which are offset by vinous characters reminiscent of a well oaked chardonnay. The classic lambic funkiness adds another dimension to this beer - with aromas of damp soil and horse stable. A rounded well-balanced and assertive acidity immediately puckers the mouth, and is offset by flavours of freshly sliced peaches, and vanillin. The beer finishes with a sustained, puckering sourness. A real journey, definitely one of the finest examples of a traditional Gueuze Lambic.
Cantillon Lou Pepe Gueuze, and Cantillon Grand Cru Bruoscella are both highly recommended for those wild enough to enjoy this style.

Limited Availability - Single bottle sales only! (per 750ml)

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You can buy Cantillon Gueuze in the following pack sizes:
Pack Description Price Qty  
Single (1 x 375ml Bottle) $11.95
Single (1 x 750ml Bottle) $19.99
4-Pack (4 x 375ml Bottles) $39.99
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