Lindemans Apple Lambic

Style: Fruit Beer, Lambic
Alcohol: 3.5% ABV
Brewery: Lindemans
Country/Region: Belgium

Product Description:

"Lambic" is an infamous Belgian style of beer, which can only truly be produced in a specific region of Belgium from local barley, unmalted wheat, and aged or"debittered" hops, and matured in oak casks in the breweries cellars. These casks harbour various local wild yeast and bacteria, causing the wort to ferment without the addition of a commercial yeast strain (known as spontaneous fermentation). The result is a light bodied but intensely sour and complex beer - the tartness is akin to a hard cider or white wine.
To make the beer more palatable en-mass (most people are scared of sour and funky flavours), breweries often add fruit to the casks mid fermentation. Kriek (cherries), framboise (rasberries), apple and cassis (blackberries) are the most common additions. The beer takes on intense fruit flavours and colours when brewed in this manner, though interestingly the fruit does not add any sweetness to the beer. Sweet versions are produced by sweetening before packaging. Both adding fruit and sweetening are methods of"taming" these wild brews, by offering balance to the oft intense sourness.
Lindemans is a highly regarded producer of lambics. The brewery produces the not-so-traditional sweet versions of the style which have gained world wide popularity. In traditional times, the beer would be sweetened by the barkeep using sugar syrup, sometimes flavoured.

Tasting Notes:

Tasting notes coming soon.

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You can buy Lindemans Apple Lambic in the following pack sizes:
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4-Pack (4 x 250ml Bottles) $17.99
Carton 24 (24 x 250ml Bottles) $87.00
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